Can't Buy Me Hygge

Something Maria and I frequently talk about is the concept that hygge cannot be “bought”. We definitely believe this to be true. Simply purchasing a new sweater you scroll across on Instagram, or impulse buy at Target (..guilty as charged) is not guaranteed to bring you hygge. However, we are true believers that certain “things” do make us feel a sense of hygge by the appreciation we feel when using them, wearing them, etc.

For me, it’s jeans. Denim of any kind really. Whether it’s my old faithfuls I’ve had for years that have naturally torn and ripped across the knee, or a new pair I’ve picked up that fit just right and haven’t yet faded in the wash— both of these give me a feeling that I can’t quite describe without hygge.

I could LIVE in jeans, and I sort of do. As a college night owl I used to get dressed for my 8am classes before going to bed (which almost always involved jeans and a t-shirt) to make sure the effort of getting out of my pajamas wasn’t a roadblock… I know.. you can judge me. True story, though. For me, wearing jeans as I’m bouncing around the city, out on date night, or cracking down on a new project is when I feel the most like myself. So, while simply buying and accumulating more “things” won’t give you that hygge feeling we’re all looking for, buying certain things motivated by what you love and what brings you joy certainly can.

WearMarissa Minkstein