Hygge is...

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Throughout our childhood and into our adult lives, we have been in constant search of hygge without even realizing it. Years ago we realized we were happiest when we focused on simple things that brought us joy- a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter day, or a refreshing iced latte on that first day in April that really feels like spring. This concept took on many different words and phrases for us - Gratefulness. Being present.

We wanted to find ways to be present and appreciate small moments in everything- simple aspects of our lives that we may otherwise overlook and take for granted.  And finally, we discovered a word that perfectly articulates what we’re after.


Hygge is…

  • starting our morning with a cup of coffee in our favorite mug or tumbler

  • rocking our favorite sweater that really makes us feel like ourselves

  • a day date at that local lunch spot that pulls us back again and again

  • exploring some place new, and finding that small corner booth at a cafe where we feel we could stay for hours

  • snuggling up on the couch while reading a book or watching reruns of our favorite show after a busy day

  • Sharing a bottle of wine (or two) with friends around the coffee table as Friends reruns play in the background

  • Low-key Sunday dinner surrounded by family and friends

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We could go on forever, and we will - here :) Those moments are where hygge comes alive for us.

On Made in Hygge we’re sharing ways in which we create and embrace hygge in our lives every day (on both good and bad) through adventures, clothing, recipes & gatherings, coffee mugs (of course), and more. In sharing our journey we hope to inspire you to find what brings you hygge, and to take time for it.

But most importantly, we hope you recognize that hygge isn’t only about curating moments, spaces, or gatherings- It’s about gratitude. It’s about deciding to appreciate and see the value in things that you may not have realized mean the most.

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