Winter Wonderland

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Something we have the special privilege of getting in Syracuse are snow days. While we don’t shut down every time it snows (heck- we’d never get anything done!), we do get a select few days that are SO cold or snowy that we get to stay tucked in at home with no where to go. These days are some of my all time favorites, filled with movies, music, cooking, winter walks, and best of all - naps. Some of the pillars of hygge, and the essentials for a perfect day. January and February this year were sprinkled with snow days, and knowing a big storm is on its way is like being a kid on Christmas Eve. Will we get a snow day tomorrow?? I toss and turn dreaming about the day I could have if it snowed just enough.

I woke up abnormally early one Sunday morning to the sound of my phone buzzing: SNOW DAY! What was supposed to be a day of work in retail was now destined for spontaneous hygge. And what a day it was. On this fine snow day I happened to be at my Aunt’s house where the coffee was strong and the hang was epic. As I’ve gotten older, I don’t get many care free days at home, so this one felt all the more special. I’ve been prepping for a huge trade show coming up, and this was finally the perfect day to recharge and relax. It went a little like this..

9:00am Coffee talks & planning my upcoming week for everything I wanted to get done

10:30am BACON and mimosas. Who doesn’t love a good brunch after catching a few extra Zzz on a snow day?

11:00am Changed out of my pajamas and into comfy leggings. Sooo pretty much glorified pajamas- my favorite snow day uniform.

11:15am The movie marathon began - Movie #1 : Into the woods

1:30pm The Disney marathon continued with Cinderella & Tangled

All the while finally catching up on some laundry, throwing back a few more mimosas, and some laid back work on my computer.

4:30pm Threw on my boots to trek across the street to the neighbor’s house for dinner! This was a total win after lounging all day.

6:00pm Good food and good company. All the magic you need for a hygge filled snow day.

9:00pm Headed back home to the couch after an exhausting day of relaxing to continue the movie marathon with Red Riding Hood .

This was the ideal snow day I had been dreaming of. I can’t help but feel like these days are a gift from Mother Nature. Encouraging us to recharge, relax, and count our blessings.

DwellMaria Sakran