Bringing Your Favorite Destinations Home: Greece

Since launching Made in Hygge, I’ve been thinking a lot about my home and what truly brings the magic of hygge into our apartment. While I can’t get enough of a classic cozy throw, I’ve started to take a look at the different elements I decorate and interact with most in our space. One trend I’ve noticed that brings me so much joy is the incorporation of different items I’ve gathered from our favorite destinations. And a few places in particular are pretty evident in the decor around our apartment...

I spent an amazing semester abroad in London in college (I am so grateful for that time - posts to come about Londontown someday, stay tuned ;) ), and while I made tracks visiting a few different countries while I was in Europe, I never made my way to Greece.

I had heard stories and legends of its history and beauty, but it was not tip-top on my list. I studied Latin in high school, so I had been itching to get to Rome for years, but for some reason I wasn’t as drawn to Greece during that time. Well, looking back now after all that has happened in the past few years, I’m pretty sure the universe knew I’d get there eventually (and plenty) so it wasn’t doing much to force the issue.

By 2019, I’ve now visited Greece four times(!), and it is hands down my most favorite destination I have ever visited. I’ve been to various cities and islands across the country, and I can genuinely say I have never tried a horiatiki I didn’t like.

As the story goes, my brother fell in love with a beautiful girl from Greece and it has brought our family to visit hers in their beautiful country multiple times over the last few years - the most special visit of all for their wedding on the island of Poros.

I’ve visited Greece in a few different seasons, but early September post high season is my favorite time to visit. We have gone on so many adventures while visiting, from wandering the streets of Plaka, scaling the terrain to see the Acropolis, taking in the most beautiful sunsets at Sounion, to spending time in Glyfada just a ways outside of Athens at my Sister-in-law’s family’s home. In Glyfada, we’ve been repeat offenders of our favorite restaurant “Tsi Tsi”, relaxed with freddo espressos by the water at Balux, and simply enjoyed the great company of those we are lucky enough to keep. The nights we’ve spent relaxed over a long stretching table covered in all kinds of delicious food, where the wine doesn’t stop flowing and the stories and laughter go on late into the night, are some of the most purely hygge times of my adult life.

When I think of Greece, I not only think of its amazing blue waters and endless freddo espressos, but I think of the people. Memories with our far away extended family, my love, and so many friends, all make my love of Greece what it is.

While upon my first visit to Greece I may have collected a few more classic souvenirs that I’m not even sure have withstood the test of time, on subsequent visits I started to look at things a bit differently. From throw pillows, to platters, to coffee table decor, I started to collect pieces that I felt captured the essence of my time there. Beautiful blues, evil eyes, and different items I’d see hung on the walls of someone’s home or in a restaurant, all started to pull my attention.

I spend plenty of time wandering the isles of target’s home section when I get the chance, but I love to keep the idea of decor in mind when I’m traveling and looking for a momento to take home. I love the nods to our amazing memories in Greece that are scattered all throughout our apartment. With my love of Greece in mind I’ve even picked up items here and there around home that remind me of my time in Greece and add to the space we are continuously curating together.

Whether it’s a far away island that reminds you to slow down and take a deep breath, or your favorite road trip destination for a weekend of adventure, I hope you take a look around at what makes these special places so special and see how you too may be able to bring them home. <3

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